From humble beginnings in the late 80’s to the formation of a small canteen and student office in the early 90’s, we have come a long way. From Central Coast Campus Union to Campus Central and most recently Yourimbah, our organisation is ever changing, adapting and modernising with our students. So here is our story about where it all started and how we got to flourish to where we are today...


1989 - 2000

Yourimbah had its beginnings in 1989 when a group of students were concerned that their General Service Fees automatically went to the Newcastle student bodies, where they saw no money nor received any services. A Central Coast Student body was then formed and their aim was to become a financially independent recognised student body by the University. 

At first there was no canteen or a place to meet, but by 1991 the group were given a small canteen and student office on what is now known as the ‘old side’ - in fact these buildings are still present at the Community College today. While these operations were for the Central Coast campus, they were still run from Newcastle with profits remaining there. However, by 1993 the University and University Council - after intensive lobbying from the new student body - voted that this Central Coast Campus student body was to be recognised and that they were entitled to receive all of the General Service Fees of Central Coast students.

From this the Central Coast Campus Union (CCCU) was to be based on a guild structure rather than split Unions that operated on the Callaghan campus. If you are not aware, there are three different bodies at Callaghan –NuSport, NUSA and NUPSA – each one looking after their particular area. The structure for the Central Coast Union was to appoint a manager to be employed to oversee the running of the entire Union.


2001- 2010

In 2002 the CCCU became a Company Limited by Guarantee which was partially driven by the fact that it had grown so quickly. This also provided the directors with some degree of limited liability.  

At the end of 2003 the Board voted to change the trading name from the Central Coast Campus Union to Campus Central - Ourimbah. 

By 2005 there were approximately 30 staff employed by Campus Central - Ourimbah however, following the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism in July 2006, a number of staff were made redundant with overall staff numbers remaining around 20 until 2010.


2011 - NOW

From 2010 to 2012 staff numbers increased to over 30, with improved services being provided to students through Service Level Agreements with the University of Newcastle.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) was then introduced by the University of Newcastle in the second half of 2012, following the Federal Government’s passing of legislation in late 2011.

Campus Central - Ourimbah did not receive any funding from the University of Newcastle in 2013 which resulted in a significant reduction in services provided by Campus Central - Ourimbah to students and further redundancies of Campus Central - Ourimbah staff.

From 2014 Campus Central – Ourimbah and the University of Newcastle worked closely in re-establishing SSAF funded student services being provided by Campus Central - Ourimbah. 

In early 2015 Campus Central – Ourimbah rebranded itself as Yourimbah, a move to better align the organisation with the ever changing environment and needs of students. 

CCCUL has never been a controlled entity of UON; however, during 2016 UON Council sought to reduce any perceived level of control of CCCUL by accepting a new CCCUL Constitution which had been a resolution of the CCCUL Board of Directors since 2008.


The Council RESOLVED to:

Approve the updated Constitution for Central Coast Campus Union Ltd (Doc D16/172482[V2]).

The Council noted that the Controlled and Associated Entities Committee had considered the report at its meeting on 27 July 2016 and endorsed the Constitution for Council approval, confirming that it is consistent with Council’s request to reduce its level of control. 

The UON Council recognised Central Coast Campus Union Limited’s (“Yourimbah”) status had changed to an independent entity, following approval by UON Council on 12 August 2016 of the CCCUL Constitution.

The UON Council continues to be interested in CCCUL and recognises its importance to the University’s Central Coast campus operations and would like to continue to receive CCCUL’s annual reports.  


Over the years your student association has invested into capital works to further increased student facilities available on campus. These have included development of the current University Hub building (which was then subsequently bought by The University in 2006 for the hub), doubling the size of the Lakes Café complex, converting the old office area into a retail shop, building Campus Health Bar (previously Café Express) at the Lecture Theatres, in addition to other numerous small building projects.

Currently the University of Newcastle has about 3,000 students enrolled at the Ourimbah campus. The University has plans to take this up to 4,000 full time students by the end of the decade. TAFE has approximately 3,000 TAFE students enrolled in TAFE programs.