Karen Dimmock is a PhD student of Fine Art at the Ourimbah campus of the University of Newcastle. Commencing at the Ourimbah campus of UON in 2010 as an Open Foundation student, Karen has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Creative Arts.

In 2015 Karen was awarded a Highly Commended Campus Life Award for her commitment to enhancing the experience of fellow UON students. Karen also received a Work Integrated Learning Award for her curation of an exhibition as part of The Grotto Project on the Ourimbah campus.

As a result of enjoying her time studying at the Ourimbah campus and the opportunities she has received as a result, Karen felt the need to contribute to the campus. Karen has worked as a peer note-taking mentor, is currently a writing mentor for undergraduates, and a mentor to new undergraduate and Open Foundation students. Since 2016 Karen has been a Director of Yourimbah (CCCUL), Acting President since December 2017. In August 2018, Karen was elected President 2018-2019. As part of her role as President of Yourimbah Karen is a member the Student Advisory Council (SAC); Student Entities, Dean of Students and Office of Student Advocacy group (SEDOSA) and the Health Promotions Working Group. Karen is passionate about the welfare of UON students at the Ourimbah campus and takes the role of President of Yourimbah very seriously, working hard to represent students of Ourimbah to the best of her ability.