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Desk Hygiene

With the focus on personal hygiene and social distancing, this is a good time to remember clean your desk!

  1. Take everything off your desk

Before you start cleaning your office desk remove everything you have on it and put it into a pile next to you. You can sort through this pile later and decide what is essential and what you can hide away in a drawer.  First you need a clear desk before you start cleaning.

  1. Wipe down all surfaces

Once you cleared everything off your desk you might be amazed at how filthy it is underneath all the clutter.

Clean your computer screen, dust all of the surfaces and wipe down drawers to clean away any stains. To make sure your desk is as fresh and germ free as possible use an anti-bacterial spray and a damp cloth to wipe the surfaces.  Once you’ve disinfected your office desk keep a hand sanitiser close by to help minimise the risk of germs spreading.

  1. Keep essentials close by

It’s now time to tackle the pile of clutter that you cleared off your desk at the beginning. Sort through the pile and decide what’s essential. You’re going to want to keep all your supplies close by for easy access, drawers and desk organisers are convenient ways to keep your most used items in reach.

  1. File away

You probably removed a mountain of paperwork from your desk now take the time to sort through this. Recycle paperwork that’s no longer needed or you already have saved on your computer. The paperwork you’re deciding to keep file away in paper wallets and ring binders to make sure they don’t get damaged or accidentally thrown out.

  1. Get rid of distractions

To help keep distractions and clutter to a minimum, get rid of any unnecessary personal items and keep the underneath of your desk tidy. If need be, turn off your phone and keep social media away until you take a break. These distractions will keep you from achieving your goal of having a clean and tidy office desk.

  1. Don’t eat at your desk

You’ve gone to the effort of decluttering, disinfecting and organising your office desk you don’t want to spoil your hard work by having your lunch at your desk. Food is the biggest problem when it comes to desk grime, smell and overall uncleanliness. Any plates, bowls and silverware that have managed to sneak their way onto your desk need taking to the kitchen.