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From one Student to Another

Student life is tough. That’s the bottom line. Juggling study, personal life, and a part-time job is an incredibly sophisticated science (especially if you aim high), yet so many people you know have passed through these years without totally losing it. The question is: what’s the secret, and how can I attain it? Well, let’s take a closer look.
First, get a mirror in your hands, or stand in front of one. If the glass is at least partially clean, you should see a person there – someone who has been successfully carrying the load of being a student for many months (or maybe even years?). Look closely at that individual: do the eyes look overstrained and the hair hasn’t been brushed? Does he look badly in need of a shave? Have her lips forgotten the feel of lipstick? That person you’re looking at right now is someone striving to create a future, someone soldiering on through thick and thin. I don’t know about you, but I feel such a human being is worthy of respect.
Now, keeping in mind the reflection you’d just examined in the mirror, look around yourself. Does the room appear cluttered? Would you be able to instantaneously locate any item you own? Does this room resemble the room you imagine the mirror hero nailing all the exams in? And if not, what can you do to make it more stimulating for a studying mind? Think of the reflection: what is the one thing you could give that person for successful studying, if you were their friend/family member/ concerned acquaintance?
Next, take a look through the window. What does the outside world look like this point in time? Can you see a lady walking her dog, a kid riding a bicycle with his dad, a little bird in the middle of an insect meal, a tree wrapped in a magnificent coat of orange and red? Think of all the positive ideas the mirror hero is aiming to turn to life for the benefit of all members of this community, for this environment, for the greater good? Compare that to how much work needs to go into making it happen – maybe it’s time to gain confidence in ones abilities?
Lastly, look at all the books/notes/open tabs in the laptop. There is your success. It is the present you need to build the future you imagine. Think of the life you’re working towards and smile, because you’re one tough cookie!

Ielyzaveta Ivanova


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