G’day, I’m Marshall.


I’ve been studying at Ourimbah Campus since way back in 2011, when I started as an Open Foundation student. I’m currently a student in the School of Psychology, where I’m knee deep in my PhD research. I love Ourimbah (I live here) and I love Ourimbah Campus. You’ll often see me walking around, distracted by the beautiful rainforest and wildlife we have here. Except those damn mozzies up at The Castle!

I also love the campus’s student experience. We don’t know how lucky we really are, to be able to study at such a relaxed, conveniently located, fully equipped campus. Can you imagine the nightmare of traveling to Sydney to study? I know people that do it, and they are envious of us!

I joined Yourimbah’s board in September 2017 because I wanted to do my part for this campus. To give back what I could, and to give a voice to people like me. People who love this campus’s facilities, love the atmosphere, and love that it’s here on the Coast where we live. I also want to fight to keep the services open, see the fees that we pay put to good use, and stand up for what I believe. I see this as a job with a lot of responsibility, and I take it seriously. Thank you for entrusting me with this role.